Accessibility Strategies

Building experiences that work well for a diverse range of customers is a key part of living out our values of inclusion at PayPal. Accessibility is the label for all the work we do to build inclusive experiences. It’s a huge topic to explore in UX design and design systems but lets focus on some tangible strategies I use in my daily work.

Accessibility + Design Systems


As our two teams have connected we’ve evolved some strategic methods that raise the quality of our experiences and helped to build a community of accessibility at the company.

Using these methods we’ve made great progress in improving the strength of inclusive accessibility at the company. I hope we continue to add and expand our practices to even greater levels. I know the partnership between teams provides greater value than we could have separately.

As we’ve grown our design system team over the past few years, each new teammate we have added has quickly joined the champions program and helped me improve our accessibility practice in our daily work. It’s really encouraging watching the growth of our accessibility community inside the company and seeing more attention to these topics across our UX industry. I hope we continue to raise the value of accessibility in experience design workflows at every company building digital products. It needs to be integral to standard design and product creation, instead of an optional add-on.