Speaking - Stand Out With Your Story

Title Slide: Stand Out with Your Story

Video, slides and notes from my talk at ADPList.org’s BeMore Conference on September 20th, 2023

Hello! I’m James

I don’t know everything…

I know some things…

Slide: What can new designers do?

So the big question: What can new UX designers do to get a job?

How does someone get through the stack of candidates competing for the remaining fewer roles?

I’m going to cover three challenges you need to take on:

  1. Demonstrate your experience
  2. Stand out from others
  3. Learn to sell yourself

So lets go…

Slide: Demonstrate your experience

Challenge 1: Demonstrate your experience

Build experience in creative ways

Some ideas for building early experience:

1. Donate your time

3. Take Gigs

Slide: Stand out

Challenge 2: Stand out from the sea of candidates

Slide: Learn to sell yourself

Challenge 3: Learn to sell yourself

This doesn’t come natural to most designers but you need to practice selling yourself.

Be ready for a callback

Be ready for rejection

Slide: My takeaways for you

So remember these takeaways

  1. Don’t wait for an opportunity, work for it.
    • There are no shortcuts for a successful design career.
    • Put in the effort to get the rewards.
    • It takes work to find what you are good at, build a unique portfolio, find roles that fit, and sell your skills to the hiring teams.
  2. Don’t limit yourself, try different paths.
    • There are many ways toward your goals
    • Be willing to experiment and learn with your career
  3. Tell a great story about who you are, in every touchpoint and conversation you can.
  4. Stay engaged and teachable, so you can adapt to the ups and downs of career progression.

Go share your story!

Thanks for following along. Share your thoughts and questions with me.


After the talk I saw that Tom Briggs shared a similar theme that fits well with mine. Check out his slides here: Sustainable Personal Branding for Life & Career.