Mentoring Year In Review

Mentoring on

I had a great year mentoring designers on and I’m looking forward to meeting even more in 2023🥳. One of the highlights was getting the chance to speak at their BeMore conference last fall.

It’s so rewarding to connect with folks around the world while chatting about UX careers, design systems, accessibility, inclusion, and life in general. The learning goes both ways. I’ve even used other mentors as my mentor on specialized topics.

Did you have mentors?

Think back to when you were early in your career journey, I bet you had a lot of questions and maybe some imposter syndrome. Did you have someone you could talk to? A simple conversation can make a big impact on someones life.

My 2022 Wrapped

ADPList provided this wrapped graphic with my stats. I hesitate to post it because it’s not a competition to see how much I accomplished compared to others. I don’t want it to appear as bragging, but I do want to share it as inspiration for others to start mentoring. We need more great mentors to share their wisdom with the community. Try dedicating just an hour a week and soon you will be hooked on giving back.

Come try it yourself at

ADP List Wrapped image