Thinking on my feet

A year ago I stood up.

I hacked together a standup desk using cheap parts and a little imagination. I was determined to avoid the detriments of a sedentary work life. The quickest way to try this new work style was to follow one of many Ikea hacks. For hardly any money, I was able to combine parts that worked for my wide, side-by-side MacBook Pro and Thunderbolt Display setup. I kept part of my cube as normal so I can still switch to a sit down position occasionally, but my primary standing spot has been working great. For extra comfort, a gel mat softens the floor. I transitioned gradually, but now standing is normal and sitting is the exception.

I’m a better worker.

Standing doesn’t eliminate procrastination and distraction, but to some degree I feel more alert and focused than when I sat. There must be a connection between an active body and active mind. Even if the health benefit turns out to be hyped, standing has subtly encouraged me to move more than before. I move positions as I stand, I move around my group and the office more, I interact with my team. These simple changes benefit my mood, health and productivity. It may be a small change in the grand scheme of things, but little things add up.

So stop sitting.