An Event Apart - Content First

This is the first in a series of posts summarizing my notes from the extraordinary conference An Event Apart, held December 12-14, 2011 at The Palace Hotel in San Francisco.

Jeffery Zeldman: Legendary Web Standards Guru, @zeldman,, Author: Designing with Web Standards, Co-Founder: An Event Apart, Founder: Happy Cogg, Founder: A List Apart, Publisher: A Book Apart. Description

The rules of design engagement are changing. You may no longer be in control of the user’s visual experience. Learn the number one job of every web designer, how to persuade clients and bosses not to subject users to dark patterns, why the days of “Best Viewed With…” are finally behind us, and how a mobile (or small screen) strategy can help you improve your content, rethink your web experience, and put the user first.

Design that does not serve people does not serve business.
Responsive design is progressive enhancement taken to the next level
Content is a design problem
Design in the absence of Content is not Design, it's decoration
Notes We can't control the display What's the designers job then? Content BEFORE design Solutions