Crafting 2.0

The term crafting brings to mind the knitted sweaters my aunt made for Christmas gifts. Those weren't worn much after that day. The old stereotypes of crafts are being redefined by a new generation of creative people. Today's crafts are functional, stylish or cute creations that appeal to a new audience who are tired of massed produced options from the mega store.

If you appreciate hand made items, you used to visit your local craft fair. The halls were filled with knit pot holders, yarn haired dolls and jewelry made from "friendly" plastic. Today, crafting is back and it's high-tech. Creative folks have turned to the web for inspiration, instruction and customers.


Websites like (rhymes with Betsy) are built as a marketplace for crafters. Customer can buy a wide range of items from talented crafters without leaving their couch, while crafters get a worldwide audience for their specialized creations. Several of my family and friends have gotten into it the craft business with the help of Etsy.

Feel like creating something unique? Share it with the world. Love hand-made items? Have fun shopping. Crafting 2.0 has arrived.