Up and Away

I love learning how things work. Every mechanical device has a great story behind it. I think this interest comes from some primal desire to construct.

Perfect example: My interest in Airship Ventures, the company who brought a Zeppelin Airship to the Moffett Field. It's the first of its kind in the US and the first time in 70 years that the average citizen has has a chance to experience flight in a dirigible.

I love that we can follow along as they share their trailblazing journey. We don't have to read about it years later in a book at the library, or travel to a special museum far away to learn exactly how an airship works on a daily basis. Their blog tells us in real time. Twitter followers snap pictures of the Zeppelin flying over their homes and share them instantly. Their GPS tracker shows us it's flight path.

I love the access the internet enables to things like this. It's a great time to be curious about how things work.