Technology & Design

It is amazing to watch a child grow up with technology as normal while the older generation is still figuring it out how to adjust to it. My one year old spends most of the day pushing buttons, opening doors, or trying to take things apart. Hopefully, that desire to learn how things work will last a lifetime. I can only wonder what the future will be like. The world is changing fast. I wonder if anyone predicted that information would be so accessible though the internet. It is simple to learn so many things that previously were confined to trained professionals. Websites and online tools allow you to manage your banking and investments, publish a book, sell your original music and much more.

Open access to vast knowledge has eliminated the traditional barriers to entry into many fields of work. Web design is a field that has no such barriers. Anything you need to know about web design is available online and can be self-taught. Many professionals started out tinkering and then developed their new skills into a career.

Why it is valuable to pay for professional web design if it's so easy to do?

So if you need a professional website, hire a pro. If you're a technology sponge, start learning and soon you may have a new career.