Co-Working at Ames CoLab


I love watching a good idea become reality. Good friends Sean Barber and Brian Anderson developed the concept of creating a co-working space in Ames, IA. Co-working is the idea of several professionals sharing a workspace. It's perfect for freelancers, tele-commuters, and consultants that need an office away from home. The main purpose of a co-working space is to provide professional office conveniences for little overhead cost. The secondary goal is to foster interdisciplinary interaction between users of the space. The unique mix of users can create beneficial interaction. For example a photographer and graphic designer who work independently can discover that their work is complimentary and begin sharing clients. This interaction is a great benefit for freelancers, and small businesses who don't have the resources internally.

I have enjoyed contributing to the project and watching it develop into a physical reality. I assisted CoLab in their design phase, creating some 3D models and renderings of the space for concept visualization and presentation. 3D Models are powerful tools for designing and explaining architectural concepts.

CoLab Rendering CoLab Rendering Under Construction More info about Ames CoLab: